Types of classes


Pilates is a zero-impact form of exercise and classes being an hour in duration involve a combination of strength-training and core-strengthening incorporating stretching and endurance work. Strengthening and toning of the different muscle groups is achieved by utilizing a combination of concentric and eccentric (lengthening and shortening) movements. Any person of any age can do Pilates – as each class is specially tailored to suit the needs and physical development of the particular client. Pilates exercise primarily takes place through the use of Pilates equipment, such as the Reformer or Cadillac with the supplementary use of other apparatus such as mats, bands and balls.

In terms of classes on offer, clients have a choice of the following:

Private Sessions

A private session will allow the instructor to focus on your individual needs by developing a program shaped purely for you. You will be able to progress through the Pilates repertoire utilizing the Pilates equipment, such as Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels and Chair incorporating the use smaller apparatus such as mat, balls, flex bands etc. It is highly recommend that you participate in a private class if you are pregnant, if you have any health concerns, if you are very unfit or are in need of rehabilitation from an injury. If you are unsure of your fitness level we will be able to advice you accordingly.

Semi – Private Sessions

This is suitable for a couple or two people wishing to exercise together. The two person combination is still small enough for individual attention. As with the private session, you will be progressed through the Pilates repertoire utilizing the Pilates  equipment, such as Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels and Chair incorporating the use smaller apparartus such as mat, balls, flexbands etc.

Group Sessions

These sessions consist of 3-5 participants. Anyone who wishes to join an existing group needs to attend a minimum of 5 to 10 private sessions. If you wish to form your own “new group class” the 5 pre-group classes will be performed as a group. The requirements are a minimum of 3 people. It is recommended that a person does not attend a Pilates class anywhere of more than 6 people).

Times Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
8am  Gillian    Gillian      
9am    Gillian  Gillian  Gillian  Gillian
4.30pm Jenine    Jenine      
5.30pm Gillian Gillian  Gillian    

As a range of different exercises are utilised at different intervals, in different classes, no two classes are ever the same. Whatever your age, level of fitness or amount of Pilates experience you’ve had, there is a class to suit you! All sessions need to be booked in advance.