Some thoughts about why so many people are unsuccessful with weight loss and dieting.

No one, who has ever been overweight before and who has struggled over months or even years to rid themselves of those unwanted excess kilos of lard, actually wants to go back to being fat…and yet it happens… a lot! Many folk spend most of their lives on and off the dieting treadmill – A yo-yo syndrome of frustration and gadgets! Here are a couple of reasons as to why we get fat again:

1. You lose it in your head first – and the body follows suit! Somewhere on the fat loss journey, we lose the focus, the discipline and the self-belief. The key to a great body is not about good genes, nor is it about the best personal trainer or a great nutritional plan, it’s about the story we’re telling ourselves in our heads. A great body is how we master our minds. Cut through these stories and you’ll cut the lard. Establish ways to maintain focus and commitment, and the routine of eating right and training consistently will gather a momentum of its own. Each day is a reinforcement of new behaviours and new choices: Overcoming and replacing years of destructive eating and lifestyle habits.

2. We have become a generation of non-finishers and blamers. We love to start new things – a new diet, a new training programme, a new personal trainer, a new piece of equipment, a new training method…but when they “don’t work” in a predetermined (and often unrealistic space of time) we stop.. And the search begins again for another new thing/ person that will “rescue us” from our fatness.

3. We stop doing what works. Somehow we lose sight of the simple and start to overcomplicate the process….We forget about what got us into shape in the first place. We start negotiating, justifying and rationalizing… but reasons don’t produce results – We can engage in an internal dialogue – or we can simply do what we know has worked for us in the past and be consistent with it.

4. We ease up! Some aspects of looking and feeling great are simply not negotiable: If it’s your goal to be fit and healthy, then eating right and exercising are not optional. When we lose the mindset, we start allowing these non-negotiable habits to slip…and so do our bodies…

5. We think we can outwit our bodies. We know that extreme dieting and quick-fixes don’t work, but we’re really good at giving them a go anyway! We have more information on fat loss available to us today than ever before and yet we are still prepared to give the ‘grapefruit diet’ or ‘cabbage soup diet’ a whirl…We place our hope in (unsustainable and ineffectual) extremes!

6.And then what….?We get in shape for a specific day or event – but what about your body after the wedding, or after your 40th birthday party, or after your holiday in the Maldives? We are diligent in our approach to losing weight for a particular event, but can’t wait to “get back to normal again” afterwards…We seem to lose sight of the fact that it was those ”normal” behaviours that made us fat in the first place….Maintaining good eating and exercise habits for life is what counts!

7. The pity-party syndrome. We dwell in a mindset of deprivation. We observe our friends and colleagues munching away on high kilojoules, high fat and sugary foods whilst we resentfully plough through a salad… Although there are a few individuals who remain thin despite eating rubbish, most folk who regularly scoff junk foods are quietly setting themselves up for a fatter and disease-filled future.

Instead of focusing on deprivation, think about what you want: A body that is in superb shape, fit, lean, functional and healthy – full of vitally and radiant energy!