There are lots of ways to learn Pilates, but learning from a fully qualified Pilates instructor is optimum.

When embarking on your Pilates journey be sure to start with an instructor.
One requires the knowledge and experienced eye of a trained Pilates instructor to ensure that the principles of Pilates are learnt and applied correctly to the different exercises. When learning from a book or DVD some of the small nuances of the Pilates method are lost and one therefore does not reap the benefits of the quick results and long term body and mind integration.

Your instructor is equipped to give you a variety of exercises which change and become more challenging as one becomes more proficient. This keeps the exercise interesting and keeps you progressing to another level

Committing to a fixed weekly appointment keeps one motivated.

A Pilates studio will offer a variety of equipment from reformers, caddillacs, chair and barrels to the smaller equipment such as balls, bands and fitness circles, all of which add a new dimension to the exercises.

Every body is different. As you develop your Pilates practice it is essential that your work out is tailored to suit your needs. It is hard to do this yourself not being equipped with the knowledge of an instructor.

You can get one-on-one instruction in a private lesson or go ahead and sign up for a class. It’s worth it to make sure you experience the deeply satisfying body/mind fitness journey that Pilates can be.

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