Are You a Pilates Nut?

10 Signs Pilates Training is Taking You Over (in a good way!)

By Marguerite Ogle, Guide

Have you gone a little off the deep-end over Pilates? There are 10 sure signs below. Take a look and see if they sound like you. If so, don’t worry. Things could be a lot worse than being crazy over something with as many benefits as Pilates training!

 1. You See Pilates Everywhere

You are not hallucinating. You are perceptive. Pilates is a huge trend in fitness. It’s all over the world and people from all walks of life and with varying interests are doing it.  Not only that, but as a body, mind, spirit integrative practice, Pilates directly relates to many aspects of everyday life, so it’s easy to see Pilates examples and analogies everywhere.

2. Your House Is an Obstacle Course of Pilates Equipment

Good for you. If your Pilates equipment is out of sight it’s out of mind and who needs that? Just make sure you actually use your equipment. If things are really crazy, it might help to organize your home workout experience just a bit:

3. You Think Black Workout Pants Are the New Little Black Dress

Of course they are. Go anywhere. Do anything. Black workout pants do formal these days, I swear. Well, anyway, they are a must-have – as are some colorful ones.

4. You Delay Vacations So You Can Fit in One Last Pilates Class

And who wouldn’t? Not only that, but you can probably find a class wherever you are going. Don’t be shy, be a “drop in.”

5. You Have More Pilates on DVD than Movies

Me too! You can’t have too many Pilates DVDs! There are, however, a couple of factors you should consider:
1. You have do the DVD workouts.
2. You want to buy worthy DVDs.

6. You Can Finish This Quote: “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference….”

One of our favorites too —  Joseph Pilates giving us a great pep-talk. Here is the whole thing: “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.

7. No One Is Safe From Your Appraisal of Their Posture

You’re only trying to help! Just be sure you’ve done your own posture check. Oh, and a little posture lingo will help your friends, and complete strangers, have confidence in you.

8. You Know What the principles of Pilates are?

Love ya! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who did Pilates knew where it came from?

9. You Snort at 6-Pack Abs

Right on. You are not deceived by an overdeveloped rectus abdominus muscle. It might be evidence of a well-integrated, strong core, and it might not . You know it is entirely possible to overdevelop a surface muscle like the rectus without fully training the rest of the core, thereby missing out on the strength and structural integrity real core training, like Pilates.

10. You Would Rather Tweet Pilates than Eat, Sleep, or Get Off the Elevator

That’s it. You’re over the top.  At least you are in good company.

11. Extra Credit: You Can Say “I Love Pilates” in More Than 3 Languages

Three is good, very good. Would you like more?